An Organizational Structure With You in Mind!

What we do is incredibly important but, how we do it is truly unique in the IT Management space. Umbrella’s organizational structure is designed with you in mind.  Each of our Service Delivery Teams is allocated a set of clients by need, capacity, and complexity. Meaning, each team is responsible and accountable for only 25 clients and networks. This allows our engineers to become intimately knowledgeable with your network and user needs. This allows for prompt engagement and issue resolution for you and your team.

When you contact Umbrella your call is automatically routed to your Service Delivery team and will be answered by one of seven resources every time. No more, will a resource which you’ve not worked with will have to dig through documentation to assist your employees.

We strive to create a user centric organizational structure and provide the ‘small IT shop’ feel for you and your users. We want you to know and trust the engineers that are part of your outsourced IT team!