Backup and Disaster Recovery

Avoid costly downtime

Protect your data. Protect your business.

Your data is critical to your business. So what happens if a disaster wipes it out? Whether your data temporarily vanishes or is permanently destroyed, your business bleeds money every minute you lose access. If you’re in the healthcare or legal industry, client data loss can result in exorbitant fines and criminal charges. Why take a risk? Umbrella can safeguard your data and return you to full operations quickly.

With our Backup and Disaster Recovery service, your data is constantly backed up, encrypted, and stored at our off-site data center. It’s monitored and managed by database specialists 24/7 — ensuring it is protected and always accessible.

What you get with Umbrella’s Backup and Disaster Recovery Service

Bulletproof backups

Our 3-level program includes off-site backup to a secure SAS-70-compliant data center

HIPAA, GLBA, and SOX compliance

To satisfy regulators and avoid fines and liabilities

End-to-end encryption

To guarantee your data is protected in motion or at rest

Offline air-gapped protection

Protection from malware compromised backup systems and insider threats

Rigorous testing

To ensure your critical data can be recovered fast

Plan for the worst,
before it happens.

Fully Managed

Stability and security of your entire IT ecosystem, and support and training for your staff.



Project completion and staffing solutions to augment your existing IT.

Umbrella will strengthen your business with comprehensive IT services.

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