Managed IT Services

We take the pressure off managing technology so you can focus on growing your business

We understand – technology can be frustrating, complicated, and annoying. Computers don’t always work the way we want them to, and unfortunately the memes about IT Professionals are often true. Many technology providers do the bare minimum. We work against that trend by anticipating client needs, partnering with business leaders to determine the best solution, and implementing technology, which drives down support requests. This means users focus less on computer issues!

Umbrella can offer you peace of mind that your entire network is being managed. Our team of certified engineers proactively monitor and maintain your entire IT infrastructure, 24x7.

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Some ITMS 3.0 benefits include:

  • Get proactive and go beyond a ‘break/fix’ mentality
  • Resolve security vulnerabilities and stay ahead of trends in cybercrime
  • Access to a broad range of IT expertise and capabilities
  • Easy to budget, predictable monthly fee
  • Systems stay updated and properly maintained
  • Manage downtime with effective backups and disaster recover protocols
  • Stay compliant with regulatory requirements

Key Components of the ITMS 3.0 Program:

Step one: Triage and Dispatch every issue. Reviewing and assigning tickets based on impact and priority means Umbrella is faster at handling escalated and urgent requests. First come, first served is not always the most fair policy. It doesn’t work in medical triage, and it doesn’t work for our clients.

Umbrella is recognized as a compliance expert. From our start, we have supported clients in the healthcare and legal sectors. HIPAA, HITECH, Client Privilege, and SOX are not buzzwords, but core components of our security mentality and framework.

Ransomware, Phishing, Spam, and Malware are a reality. Even the smallest company can be a target of malicious attacks.

A properly backed-up system is the difference between minutes versus hours or days of downtime. Our service includes managed local and offsite server data backups – routinely executed.

Our clients are lawyers, physicians, and office managers; savvy people who know business. However, “knowing IT” is a whole other ballgame, especially with ever-expanding cloud technologies. We have you covered with exceptional security and system performance monitoring tools – providing complete oversight into a client’s infrastructure.

Antivirus, Full Disk Encryption, content filtering, and more. Umbrella has the technology and skill set to help you mitigate the risk of doing business in today’s environment. However, it’s an unfortunate truth that people are often a company’s biggest security threat – that is why Umbrella built a user awareness program which strengthens the awareness of our users.

New computers can be exciting and frustrating. Umbrella identifies the applications, software, hardware, and accessories a client requires, so users are ready to go the moment a workstation is delivered.

ITMS 3.0 includes an annual allotment for upgrading and/or replacing a user’s device as an included service – reducing technical debt.

…and if the above wasn’t enough, ITMS 3.0 also offers:

  • Full System and Network Documentation
  • Alignment to Technology Standards
  • Miscellaneous Installation Accessories

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