Healthcare IT

Umbrella helps healthcare providers in the Kansas City area deliver outstanding patient care through innovative, secure, and reliable technology

From the start, Umbrella has specialized in offering a complete Healthcare IT service. We provide reliable technology which impacts day-to-day operations, modernizes existing systems, and keeps networks secure against the latest cyberthreats.

Our aim is to strengthen the collaboration between doctors, nurses, and technicians, while improving their access to EHR systems. This allows clinicians to deliver fast, efficient diagnosis and care - all while strictly adhering to HIPAA standards and industry best practices regarding how medical information stored and shared.

If you are in a constant struggle to keep up with patient demands, new tech advancements, and regulatory requirements, get in touch with our team to learn how we can eliminate your technology worries.


Our Healthcare IT services provide:

  • Access management - grant the right individuals the authority to access patient information and applications
  • Compliance management - keep your organization up-to-date with changing government laws and industry regulations
  • Data management - ensure efficient, secure storage and data restoration
  • Advanced security - protect your IT infrastructure from cyberattacks with HIPAA-compliant security protocols
  • Proactive monitoring - keep a watchful eye on your network 24x7x365 so issues are flagged and remediated before disrupting clinic operations
  • Medical workflow management - improve care delivery and save time with seamless interactions between healthcare information systems
  • Real-time support - provide clinicians and hospital staff with prompt assistance at any time of the day
  • Business continuity - continue operations even in the event of a natural disaster or cyberattack

Legal IT

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

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IT Managed Services

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