Why IT costs are rising

It may be hard to hear, but your IT bill should be rising. If it isn’t, there’s a good chance you’re not being well served by your IT provider. Technology is changing rapidly, and cyberattacks are on the rise. Unless your IT processes and cybersecurity measures evolve with the times, your business could face noncompliance, data breaches, or worse. Allocating the right budget for the latest and most advanced cybersecurity tools a must. Here are three reasons why your IT bill should be rising.


1. Cybersecurity should be an ongoing conversation

Cybercriminals are all too eager to exploit the vulnerabilities in overly complicated, outdated networks. With more businesses moving to remote work, the cyber threat landscape has become more complex than ever before. Businesses now typically have data spread across dozens of different cloud applications, while employees work from a range of locations and devices.

This is why cybersecurity should be an ongoing conversation. Cybersecurity is not a one and done process and your IT provider should constantly review your current security requirements, the kinds of cyber threats your business faces each day, and your risk tolerance. Emerging cybersecurity threats necessitate more sophisticated protection, which tends to come at a cost. If your IT bill remains the same each quarter, it indicates that your IT provider isn’t proactively protecting your organization with the latest cybersecurity tools. 

Unfortunately, if your IT provider isn’t already having these conversations with you, you’re already behind. To get the ball rolling, ask your MSP what cybersecurity framework they are following and if they have dedicated security personnel. For more key questions to determine the effectiveness of your MSP, check out this guide.


2. Compliance requirements are constantly evolving

Evolving cyber threats mean compliance requirements are rapidly changing. In order to stay compliant, you need to stay up-to-date with industry-specific knowledge and regulatory practices. 

How familiar are you with the most recent compliance requirement changes?

Staying on top of all this is a full-time job. With regulations across the board getting stricter, you not only need to protect your organization from cybersecurity threats, but also from noncompliance penalties and reputational damage. A good MSP will be acutely aware of your industry’s changing threat landscape, and will help you budget for the necessary system updates and training to safeguard your business. 


3. Cybersecurity is no longer a function of IT

Cybersecurity has become so complex that it can no longer be lumped in with general IT support and maintenance. It’s a standalone function that requires specialization and dedicated budget.

These days, simple firewalls and antivirus are not enough to protect your organization. You need a team of experts working around the clock to identify gaps in your security. These experts will work to employ advanced protection and threat detection measures to mitigate your risk. In addition, they should be developing protocols for responding and recovering in the event of an attack or disaster. 

Cybersecurity has grown to become a job too big for a single person or even a small, cross-functional team to handle. A mature MSP will have a team of experts dedicated to security. Through a security risk assessment, they can identify and protect your company’s data assets to minimize the likelihood of a devastating data loss or breach. They will also have the latest tools and knowledge at their disposal to protect your business. (See point #1 above).


Make sure you’re getting the IT service you deserve

Your cybersecurity is now more important than ever before. While no one likes to see their bills rise, access to a team of experts and the latest security tools do come at an expense. It’s vital to your business’s success that you continue to invest in your cybersecurity and stay up-to-date with evolving compliance requirements. 

Umbrella Managed Systems’ dedicated team of security experts stays up to speed on the latest threats and compliance changes for a wide range of industries. We partner with our clients to proactively review their IT requirements and risk factors, and make recommendations that keep them secure and compliant.

We can augment your existing IT team, or completely manage all of your technology and cybersecurity requirements. 

Arrange a free consultation to find out how our managed support and services can improve your business today.
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Umbrella and IT Solutions Join Forces

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