Welcome Baby Griffin

From employees buying a first home to new marriages, Umbrella has seen many firsts over the years. Now we can add another to that list. Lucas Pieper, our Proactive Operations Team Lead, welcomed the first Umbrella baby into the world last month.

Everyone Got Involved

In true Umbrella fashion, the entire team was quick to help celebrate the occasion. Curtis Bagnall, ReOps Service Manager, helped create decorations for the gender-reveal. Michael Robins, ReOps Systems Admin, hosted a diaper party at the office, netting the first-time parents nearly a year’s worth of Huggies, Luvs, and Pampers – That’s 2,400+ diapers.

Several other teammates got involved by dropping off food at the hospital, taking care of the dogs who stayed home and gifting Griffin plenty of clothes and toys.

Even a few Umbrella clients helped out, by rescheduling onsite visits so Lucas could get some bonding time with his new son.

Congratulations to Lucas and Caitlyn – we are excited to meet Grumpy Baby Griffin.

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