Roxanne’s Surprise Valentine’s Gift – Slugger, the Royals Mascot! [VIDEO]

Valentine’s day is a time to show appreciation for the ones you love and care for. This goes doubly so if you happen to be a woman who takes care of 26 immature men. I’m talking about Umbrella’s very own Queen of Company Happiness, Roxanne.

Rox has to deal with all of our geeky references, nerf gun wars, and general shenanigans on a daily basis, while doing all the wonderful things she does at Umbrella. Needless to say, we were really struggling to find a Valentine’s day gift to show her how much we appreciated her. Luckily Lucas, Sr. Service Desk on Team Gotham, is a master of “Google Foo”, the art of using Google to search like a ninja. He found the perfect gift!

A little insight about Roxanne… her blood runs Royal Blue.

From March through October, Roxanne’s blood runs Royal Blue. Every chance I get to watch a Royals baseball game I do, specifically because when I walk into the office the next morning and say, “Good morning Rox!” she will usually respond with, “Did you watch the game last night?!” This happens as everybody walks in and if we aren’t careful, there can be a group of us getting lost in discussion about all the highlights.

So, when Lucas told the guys that we could order Roxanne some roses AND have the Royal’s mascot Slugger deliver them to her in person, we were all on board.

The tricky part was getting everything coordinated on Valentine’s day.

We had scheduled the delivery between 9:40am-10:10am, so we had to make sure everybody could get into place quickly without Roxanne noticing. Unfortunately, Jenny, the UMS puppy and Roxanne’s partner in crime, decided at 9:35am she had to go to the bathroom.

As soon as Roxanne stepped out to take Jenny for a walk, I turned around wide eyed. Rox left and Slugger would be there any second! Lucas responded to my shock with, “What are the actual chances they will show up early?” Well, with that jinx of a question, they showed up early before Roxanne got back.

Luckily, Slugger and his driver were really cool about it. Slugger just laid down on our red UMS couch with his “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY ROX” banner and patiently waited for the big surprise. And boy did that surprise happen. Roxanne opened the front door and walked through looking puzzled at why the whole company was standing in the doorway staring at her.

She then turned and saw Slugger.

Without missing a beat, Slugger jumped up, tossed the sign to the side, handed her the roses and landed a big kiss on Roxanne’s forehead. (Slugger has a large lion mascot head for all the non-sports folk out there.)

It was truly a special moment for all of us to see Roxanne so happy. We even got a letter from her husband Pat the next day thanking us for everything. In a joking manner, he ended his letter with a “Thanks guys, how am I supposed to follow that?”

Click here for a video of Slugger and Roxanne!

If you ever find yourself wanting to talk about the Royals but can’t find anyone to speak with, call us at Umbrella and ask for Roxanne. She would be more than happy to chat!

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