Umbrella Launches Client Referral Program

Umbrella Managed Systems Launches Client Referral Program

Umbrella asks their clients for referrals of organizations who need premium IT services.

Kansas City, Missouri – Umbrella Managed Systems, Kansas City’s favorite Managed Services Provider, is excited to announce the launch of our new Client Referral Program.

With this new referral program, Umbrella’s clients now have a simplified way to refer organizations from their circle of influence who need premium IT services. In exchange for connecting Umbrella with these organizations, we are incentivizing referrals to include a 10% monthly discount for a full year!

To make it easy for us to capture these referrals we have built out a new referral landing page with a short form to capture the needed details. Visit our Referral Page and complete the referral form, it should only take about a minute. Once a form has been submitted, the Umbrella team will take over and reach out to the lead letting them know you referred them. We will meet with them, review their situation, and see how a partnership with Umbrella would benefit their organization.

How it works:


Our team of experts will reach out to your referral letting them know you referred them to us as a potential client.


You will earn a $25 Starbucks e-gift card for submitting a qualified lead!


Your organization earns a monthly discount equal to 10% of the referred qualified lead’s monthly ITMS bill.

This discount will be applied to your organization’s monthly ITMS Agreement invoice for 12 consecutive months, up to $3,000 in total per month! (That’s up to $36,000 for the year.)

The discount starts once Umbrella receives the referral’s signed client agreement.


As an added bonus, Umbrella will donate $250 to the Shadows Buddies Foundation once Umbrella receives the referral’s signed client agreement.

Umbrella always appreciates referrals, several of our clients have come from existing client referrals! With the launch of the referral program, we are asking you to take a moment to go through your network and give us the opportunity to help organizations which are facing IT challenges.

We will meet with them, review their situation and see how a partnership with Umbrella would benefit their organization.  We offer industry-specific IT solutions that are proven to increase productivity, mitigate risks, and help to reduce IT costs.

For more information visit our referral page.

Ideal referrals should:

With this program we’re looking for organizations who need premium IT services.

  1. Consist of 20 – 1,000 employees.
  2. Be an organization who is looking for an MSP to manage or co-manage their IT.
  3. Be located within a 50-mile radius of Kansas City. (Of course, we will talk to clients outside that on a case-by-case basis.)

Umbrella’s been in business since 2007, providing IT services to the Kansas City metro area and beyond. The Umbrella team shares a passion for delivering high-value solutions and services to the clients we serve. Technology is continually changing, and so does Umbrella by fostering a culture of continuous improvement, individually and as a team.

We position the success of your business at the core of everything we do. We pair innovative technologies with proactive and reactive services to create positive outcomes for your organization. Our people are the best at what they do, bringing years of industry experience in technology and cybersecurity.

Who better to help us tell our story than our clients!

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