Want to Work for Umbrella? Better Be Good At Galaga!

As a tech company it won’t be any surprise that we have, and even promote, the geek culture here in the River Market. As part of that culture, we have an arcade console at the front door of Umbrella. It’s the old Pizza Hut, Pac-Man style, table top console. The only difference is that it has 300 of the most classic arcade games baked into it.

If you didn’t grow up in the 80’s or love video games, you might not be familiar with Galaga but, it’s our cult classic here at Umbrella. Galaga is an old joystick and button game where you are commissioned to destroy as many insect-like aliens as possible with your starfighter without dying.

As an Umbrella favorite, I’ve offered the same deal for ten years during company events; beat Trent Peters at Galaga head to head and earn $50. I’m proud to say my business partner stands undefeated to date! That said, our very own Sam Orlando holds the individual Umbrella high score on Galaga at 315,560 points.

One of the most important things we do for our clients is to find and retain the best people possible. Part of that process is finding individuals which fit the geek culture we love.

Dear Geeks, The gauntlet has been thrown, bring your best Galaga game and join the team!

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Umbrella and IT Solutions Join Forces

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with IT Solutions Consulting, a managed services provider headquartered in Fort Washington, PA. IT Solutions has a robust reputation in the IT industry and is backed by 25+ years of experience. Together, we’ll continue to deliver top-tier service with our combined team of technology professionals under the IT Solutions name. Click here for more details.