PPA Office Tour Part 2- We really are in Kansas Dorothy!

Guest post by Nicholas Stebbins, System Administrator and Roxanne Rabich, Service Coordinator at Umbrella Managed Systems

Pediatric Professional Association, has been an Umbrella client since September 2014. Janet Schaaf, RN, BSN, is the Practice Administrator.

 A few months ago, Pediatric Professional Association was highlighted in our Client Spotlight during an office remodel. The remodel is complete, and Roxanne and I were provided with the opportunity to walk through and be wowed by the results during the Open House.

We really are in Kansas Dorothy!

We arrived at Pediatric Professional Association’s newly remodeled office at 10600 Quivira Road in Overland Park, Kansas. As soon as the elevator doors opened on the second floor, we could tell that this was going to be fun! Snacks had been prepped and placed throughout the office (the cookies were our favorite), employees were everywhere smiling, and it felt like a party.

One of the first things we noticed when walking in was the amazing wall art in the waiting room. There were pictures everywhere to keep kids imaginations busy while waiting for their appointments. The front desk had been remodeled to look like Dorothy’s house and the witches legs were sticking out from underneath it!

We met up with Janet, the office manager, and our tour of the office began

We made our way down the first hallway. To guide us, there was the “Haunted Forest” tree with directions to each doctor’s office. Each room had a different theme and I found myself getting excited to see what the next patient room had to offer.

Lions, Scarecrows, and Tin Man, Oh my!

As we made our way through the rooms, Dr. Baraban led us to the “polka dot” room. She explained that the room is tricky with concussion patients. One of the symptoms of concussions is seeing spots, and the room is covered in them.

Near the polka dot room is one of the office favorites, the tornado room. We mentioned this room in our previous blog and I’m happy to say, it is no longer wall-to-wall orange.

One of our final stops on the tour was Janet’s office. She chose the Good Witch and Wicked Witch theme. She laughed as she pointed out one of the framed pictures on a shelf and explained that her co-workers always know what kind of day she is having based off which picture she displays. (Today was a Good Witch day.)

A big shout out to our friends with Pediatric Professional Association for the wonderful time! We hope you will stop by and enjoy the experience as much as we did. (For more pics, click here.)



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