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What the Anthem Breach Means for Your Office

By Christopher Draven, Client Experience at Umbrella Managed Systems

Health insurer Anthem, Inc. has agreed to a $16 million settlement and follow a substantial corrective action plan from The Office of Civil Rights (OCR). The agreement comes after Anthem suffered a series of cyber attacks which led to a breach of PHI of nearly 79 million individuals – instantly becoming the largest U.S. heath data breach on record).

While the fine is staggering (over 3x the previous record), the investigation is the real ‘brow-raising’ moment.

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Umbrella Walks the Blue Carpet Event

Umbrella was excited to attend the seventh annual Blue Carpet Event hosted by Umbrella client, The Family Conservancy. The swanky affair raised over $145,000 for a good cause – Happy, Healthy Educated Kids.

Umbrella was a proud event sponsor and enjoyed sending a small delegation to join in the celebration.

The Client Perspective

By Jean Hansen, COO at Umbrella Managed Systems

Several times over the past few months, colleagues and former co-workers have approached me to ask, ‘Why Umbrella?’ – curious about what seems like a 180° career move.

My typical response: Honestly, I couldn’t be more thrilled.

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By Christopher Draven, Customer Experience at Umbrella Managed Systems

Ransomware Breach: 40,800 Patient Records at Risk

The news continues to remind us that Ransomware is a real and continuing threat. Earlier this month, an obstetrics and fetal diagnostic lab announced a 40,800 patient breach on June 30th, 2018. When these stories break, our clients often reach out and ask what Umbrella is doing to minimize the risk.

Umbrella Employees Hike the Decalibron Loop in Colorado

By Nicholas Stebbins, Systems Administrator at Umbrella Managed Systems

Have you ever climbed a mountain? Let me rephrase. Have you ever climbed a mountain over 14,000 feet? As of about a month ago, I hadn’t either.

Northwest of Alma, Colorado there are a series of four mountain peaks that make up the Decalibron series, Mt. Democrat, Mt. Lincoln, Mt. Cameron, and Mt. Bross.

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