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Busted myth: COVID-19 is slowing down hackers. Here’s what to do.

Hackers don’t sell a product or a service, they sell information. And information is more valuable than ever. Additionally, they’ve always worked from home! The coronavirus is a dream come true for hackers. In fact, they’ve created ingenious new campaigns to prey on people who are investing less time in cybersecurity to make room for public health best practices and revenue-generating activities.

How to enforce your BYOD policy

A decade ago, securing mobile devices used for work was a relatively simple affair. Employees would simply use company-issued cell phones for work. But things have changed a lot since then as people have grown accustomed to using their own devices, be they the latest iPhone or Android-powered device.

Why your business needs regular IT audits

Given how important computers are in running a modern business, it’s imperative you have a full picture of your current infrastructure to derive insights into factors like overall functionality, performance, and security. The biggest challenge lies in the fact that underlying infrastructures are vastly more complicated than they used to be.

The 5 keys to a successful onboarding process

Getting your onboarding process for new employees right can make the difference between success and failure for your business. As with any organization, your employees are the backbone of your operation, and ensuring that they’re equipped out of the gate to do the job you hired them for is essential.

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