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Social media tips for your SMB during the COVID-19 outbreak

Prior to reopening efforts, Missourians have been cooped up in their homes. Beyond binge-watching streaming shows and YouTube videos, people have been hooked on social media. This presents a great marketing opportunity for drumming up business to people who are more likely to spend than ever before.

Tips for managing a remote workforce

Kansas City is relaxing its shelter-in-place restrictions. However, the furor over the death of George Floyd has spurred mass protests, which may force the city government to revert to strict quarantine measures. This is because two separate yet compounding factors, namely maskless protesters and the use of tear gas, may contribute to a spike in COVID-19 infections and make the complete return to the workplace unwise.

Best remote working tools for SMBs

Remote work setups are nothing new. In fact, there are some companies that are completely composed of distributed teams. And given how internet connectivity is only improving over time, a new trend is emerging. Instead of having employees go to work, more and more work is going to where the professionals are instead.

Improve your productivity with these low-tech hacks

With so much time on our hands thanks to shelter-in-place directives, we’re now more able to relate with Rapunzel and her hair-growing feat. Unlike us, however, Rapunzel didn’t have a TV, radio, gaming console, laptop, or smartphone. The most she did was sing, braid her locks, and help pull her foster mother up her tower.

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