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5 Healthcare workflows that you can automate

Paper has always been a huge hindrance to the healthcare sector. While paperwork is critical to everyday workflows, technology can help digitize and automate many repetitive and predictable tasks. Workflow automation helps reduce the administrative burden and enhance staff productivity, all while reducing overheads.

Every business needs an MSP for cybersecurity

Businesses can no longer afford to relegate cybersecurity to the bottom of the budget, not with cyberattacks targeting any business regardless of size, strict security, and privacy regulations surrounding data. Businesses with a small or limited budget have the advantage of partnering with a managed IT services provider (MSP) for their cybersecurity needs.

Owning Hardware Procurement

Technology is complicated.

Gone are the good old days where a business could rush down to the local Big Box Retailer and buy up twenty PCs, plug them into the wall, and everything just works. Times have changed and so have standards and regulatory obligations.

Alexa, can you call my nurse?

Academic and nonprofit healthcare organization, Cedars-Sinai is the latest to blend technology with healthcare – with a focus on patient experience.

Late February, Cedars-Sinai announced a pilot program to put Alexa-powered tools in over 100 patient rooms.

Why you need managed services in healthcare

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting the healthcare industry for its perceived vulnerability. Nowadays, more and more hospitals are realizing that overall patient care not only involves medical attention, but also entails securing patient data. For many healthcare organizations, it’s crucial to work with the right managed services provider (MSP) to ensure transactions are seamless and patient […]

Fileless malware: Are you at risk?

Over the past few years, the security industry has been witnessing a rapid evolution in attack techniques, including fileless malware, which uses legitimate tools and services such as existing software, applications, and authorized protocols to carry out malicious activities such as unauthorized data retrieval or data damage.

Welcome Baby Griffin

From employees buying a first home to new marriages, Umbrella has seen many firsts over the years. Now we can add another to that list. Lucas Pieper, our Proactive Operations Team Lead, welcomed the first Umbrella baby into the world last month.

Everyone Got Involved

In true Umbrella fashion, the entire team was quick to help celebrate the occasion.

Groups, Yammer, and Teams: What are they?

Microsoft has released a variety of communication tools in Office 365, such as Outlook Groups, Yammer, and Microsoft Teams. These apps serve to encourage collaboration across an organization, but users often get overwhelmed. There is a lot of overlap between the features, but each app has a unique purpose in the way it should be […]

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