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Company Update, Team Recognition and more!

Our most recent "all hands on deck" company meeting was held on August 4. We hold these meetings quarterly as a team building exercise and to take a minute to celebrate what we've accomplished together.
Our staff count is now at 27! We've grown into the 3rd floor of our building.

The Spaghetti Room

While I was on site with a new client recently, I asked if they would show me to their wiring closet. They replied, “The spaghetti room? Right this way."

When the door was opened, I was taken aback for a moment. It took a second or two to sink in, but I quickly understood why they called it the “Spaghetti Room.

Lock your computer… or Ninja Nick might come calling.

Today, with cyber security being such a big issue, there are a lot of people that forget one of the most basic IT security precautions... Locking your computer when you leave your desk. With an unlocked desk you are allowing people around you access to all your data and the option to mess with you!

Here at Umbrella we're very focused on cyber security.

The Kansas City Streetcar was worth the wait

I began working at Umbrella almost 5 years ago. I remember thinking, ugh, I’m not sure how I feel about this downtown location. But the River Market area, also known as the City Market, is really cool. I’ve come to love it. I had no idea there were shops, vegetable vendors and restaurants in the square that are open year ‘round.

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