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What Are Your Traditions? Happy Holidays from Umbrella!

I bet you feel it too... the holidays can be a stressful time. Ask yourself, what brings you Joy, makes you Merry, and warms your heart? For me, it’s getting together with friends and family, decadent food and the decorations. (Except for glitter – its gets all over everything!) I literally decorate every room in my house for Christmas.

#Onebrella. Separate Teams with a Common Goal.

You may have heard that we've reorganized our entire service delivery structure at Umbrella. Three teams, each managing a subset of our clients. After seven months, we've found our stride and things are going well.

The initial restructure brought some challenging moments

There were lots of meetings.

Umbrella and Fantasy Football

We really love sports at Umbrella. Whether it's hockey, soccer, football, basketball or something else, there's always a group that gets formed to follow it. The biggest sporting event that Umbrella takes part in, is Fantasy Football. This was Umbrella's fourth year hosting a league, and things got pretty intense!

Fantasy football consists of taking all of the players in the NFL and drafting them individually in order to make a “custom team.


Hello once again audience! Teamwork. I think it's one of the most crucial elements a company needs for everything to run smoothly. I thought it would be fun to tell you a story of the best team building experience I've ever had with coworkers. It started with an idea that turned into a ten day "Brocation" with my buddy and fellow Umbrella employee, Lucas Pieper.

The Halloween King’s House… Wow.

Hello once again audience! If you weren’t aware, we really like to get into the Halloween spirit. A lot of us were pretty excited about this year’s Halloween, but little did we know how much of a treat we were in for. Within the last few months, Umbrella has gained a new manager, Luke Ciurej, on Team Gotham who henceforth will be referred to as The Halloween King!

The Halloween King has been collecting and adding to his Halloween decorations for around ten years.

Kindergarten: Special Advisor to the CEO

This is how my typical day starts:
5:00am: Up to check email and plan my day
6:30am: Showered and dressed
6:45am: Greet my beautiful wife and dreary-eyed kids Cora, Simon and Sawyer.
(Cora is 1, Simon is 3 and Sawyer is 6 years old.)
Simon: ‘Dad, you go to work?’
Me: ‘Yeah Bud, I have to go to work.

Team Watchmen goes to the Royals!

If you didn't know, Umbrella has three service teams named Bravo, Gotham and Watchmen.

I was excited when Team Watchmen invited me to attend their group outing to see the Kansas City Royals on September 12th vs the Oakland A’s. Our tailgate fare was nothing fancy.

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