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How do you “play” Crochet? An interview with Zack Lakin

By Curtis Bagnall, Solution Engineer for Umbrella Managed Systems

Hello all! Recently, we've had some great new hires. And I've had the privilege of getting to know a pretty cool guy named Zack Lakin. I would like to introduce him to you by sharing our interview!

Curtis: Hey Zack, if you're free, I’d like to ask you a few questions for an upcoming blog that I’m writing to help our clients get to know you better.

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Jenny: A Day in the Life of the Umbrella Mascot

Hello friends! This is Jenny, Umbrella’s four legged furry staff member. I’m very cute and a bit of a fashionista. I wear holiday and sports themed bandanas, and I have some awesome red boots for slushy winter days.

My human is Roxanne. I've been coming to work with her since I was adopted at 5 months old.

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Deep Thoughts by John King

By John King, Business Development Manager for Umbrella Managed Systems

Six months.  Six months is how long I've been working for Umbrella. Six months is hardly enough time to understand the entire marketplace of IT services, let alone learn everything there is to know about selling our products and services.

No Comb + No Iron = Bad Presentation

By Curtis Bagnall, Solution Engineer for Umbrella Managed Systems

On June 25th I started the decade of being in my thirties.

I know that age is subjective and just a number. The young kid in me that’s indestructible and always wants to go on an adventure will always be a part of who I am.

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