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Ransomware Targeting Healthcare.

Gardidien was having a bad day.
Just over a week ago, the system administrator who goes by the handle Gardidien on Reddit got a phone call. One of the critical company systems was down. He quickly determined that it wasn't just one system--it was nearly half of the systems in the company, at three different locations.

Even Better Documentation with IT Glue

We've been using the same tools to monitor, manage, document and support our client networks since the company started. At the time these tools were selected, they were identified as the best of the best, and they've served us well. But technology evolves, new tools become available and we're making an important change.

Scooters and Growing up at Umbrella

One Monday morning, these scooters (see pic) were parked across the aisle from my desk. At first, I really didn’t give it much thought. We have scooters all over the office. In fact, in the early years – you were gifted a scooter on your first anniversary.

Roxanne’s Surprise Valentine’s Gift – Slugger, the Royals Mascot! [VIDEO]

Valentine’s day is a time to show appreciation for the ones you love and care for. This goes doubly so if you happen to be a woman who takes care of 26 immature men. I'm talking about Umbrella’s very own Queen of Company Happiness, Roxanne.

Rox has to deal with all of our geeky references, nerf gun wars, and general shenanigans on a daily basis, while doing all the wonderful things she does at Umbrella.

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Job vs. Career at Umbrella Managed Systems

Have you ever had one of those jobs that you just loathed waking up for? Looking for any excuse you can think of to call in.

In the last 15 years, I've had around 35 different jobs throughout my high school/college days, and I understand the drag of going to a job you don’t enjoy at all.