Meeting with Mummies – Q3 Meeting with a Twist… Literally.

UMS Q3 meeting was held on October 13th and without any planning, it took on a Halloween theme. We had apple cider to drink and managers brought yummy treats. Luke even decorated his brownies as tombstones!

Our icebreaker was to transform employees into mummies using toilet paper. Teams of three or four people were asked Yes or No questions. We created mummies by wrapping toilet paper around them, once for every person in their group that answered Yes.

The winning mummy was Ryan Mitchell, because he was wearing the most toilet paper. I argued that Jacob Woodson, the mummy in my group, should have won because he looked the most like a mummy, but the goal was the mummy with the most TP hanging off of them.

We celebrated team member birthdays and work anniversaries. Of note, Kirk Harmon has now been with Umbrella for eight years and Roxanne Rabich hit the five-year mark!

Employees Awards for the 3rd Quarter

Team Bravo = Kirk Harmon
Team Watchmen = Matt Pocock
Team Gotham = Doreen Mundy

One of the news highlights for the team was about the new ring tone we established for rollover calls. These are calls that don’t get answered after four rings and roll to a larger ring group. It’s a loud, fairly annoying ring tone. Since implementing the new tone, we haven’t received any voicemails during business hours because nobody wants to hear that sound! Previously we were getting two to four voicemails a day. We feel this is a positive enhancement toward our

A live person always answers the phone when you call Umbrella during our normal business hours (8am-5pm, Monday through Friday).

Another initiative we completed is the rollout of our new antivirus software, BitDefender. All clients now have this product installed to ward off malicious computer infections. With Ransomware like Cryptowall running rampant, this is another win for our clients as Bitdefender has been known to isolate such attacks.

We think quarterly meetings are a great team builder and a good way to share information with our staff about new clients, new processes, and even new faces as we continue to grow!

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