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An Important Message: Cybersecurity Threats Update

Cybersecurity Threats Update

The overall increase in cyber crime and the exponential rise in sophisticated ransomware attacks are changing the cost of doing business. More than ever, Umbrella Managed Systems is investing resources to reduce risks and keep our clients from becoming victims of cyber crime. In parallel, many insurance carriers are seeking to transfer the risk of cyber crime to your business and service providers like Umbrella.

Unfortunately, insurance carriers often mandate IT security measures implemented before policy renewal, leaving some organizations denied critical coverage.  Please watch this important video update regarding the current cybersecurity landscape, the impacts on your business, and the proactive steps Umbrella is taking.  

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Cybersecurity threats to your business are rapidly evolving and the risks are very real. In 2021 cyber insurance companies reported that on average a ransomware incident claim cost about $435k.  Our cybersecurity team continues to remain proactive, and Umbrella will continue investing in cybersecurity. Over this quarter we will be helping our clients complete Cyber Insurance requirements and gap assessments.

As always our goal is to help our clients make informed decisions about cybersecurity and ensure the best decisions are being made to keep their organizations secure

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