Escape Room: Sherlock Holmes @ Union Station

By Roxanne Rabich, Service Coordinator at Umbrella Managed Systems talking about the escape room Sherlock Holmes at Union Station.

Umbrella Managed Systems: Service Delivery Team escape room outingRecently, we participated in a fun team-building exercise! Service Delivery Team manager David James and staff members Andrew Horner, Kyle Barry, Michael Robins, Kyle Nelson, Jason Volk, Justin Meyers, James Butcher and Zach Lakin participated in an Escape Room Challenge at Union Station. They took the street car from the office. (Of note, Zach gets car sick while riding the street car.)

After the event, Zach summed it up: “We collectively conspired to commit a breaking and entering act on Sherlock’s residence. The break in was successful. But the evidence tampering and evasion was foiled by many. Co-conspirator Justin took lead on the heist, but couldn’t pull the team together in a timely manner. Our team was caught in the act. We actively failed in our intentions to bring justice to Carl, while simultaneously framing Theo for a murder!”

Although we failed, we failed as a team. (We blame Justin.)

Lessons learned:

Ask the right questions, communication is key, use the right tool for the job. A great example: Justin was nominated to solve the math problem, only to find out that Andrew is a math whiz who used to compete in Mathletics in High School.

We obviously chose the correct career path (information technology) and not as crime solvers. But we had a blast together!

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