Employee Spotlight: Kyle Barry, Engineer and Team Lead

By Roxanne Rabich, Service Coordinator at Umbrella Managed Systems

Umbrella Managed Systems: Kyle BarryOn August 19th, Kyle Barry will be celebrating his four year anniversary at Umbrella. Congrats!

I remember when Kyle joined the Umbrella family like it was yesterday.

Kyle had attended Centriq (like many of our staff ). In fact, he was in the class behind Curtis and Lucas and had observed their class project. A family friend helped him land a position at Goetze Dental, where he worked as an onsite computer technician for several small dentist offices across Kansas and Missouri.

Kyle was working on site at a mutual client of Umbrella’s when he needed a server password and called our office. Evidently, he didn’t get past the gatekeeper (ME!). He got the provider on the line to authorize his password request and then I connected him with someone on our technical staff. After working together for a few days and completing an install, our engineer was very impressed with Kyle. He told me, “Wow – that’s one of the nicest and smartest vendors I’ve ever worked with.”

Jason invited Kyle to chat. The next thing Kyle knew, he was meeting with Umbrella management and was asked to consider a role on the Service Desk. He was determined to remain an on site engineer and declined the offer. Shortly after that, the on site role had become available and Kyle joined our team.

Kyle Barry, aka Care Bear

Umbrella Managed Systems: Kyle BarryKyle has flourished at Umbrella. He really likes being an on site engineer and the clients love him! He drove a small blue car that we nicknamed The Blueberry. And he cares so much about his work and our clients that we nicknamed him Care Bear. He quickly moved into a project role for about a year, mentoring with David James and Ben Hopkins. When we split into teams, his title changed to Team Lead allowing him the opportunity to take on a player/coaching role. He takes great pride in sharing technical knowledge, coaching the other team members, and working the client issues. He misses being on site, but still has client interaction and technical challenges that keep him busy.

Kyle grew up in Olathe, and now lives in Spring Hill with his beautiful wife Abby and their furry companion, Rosie. They enjoy spending time together as a family playing games, watching movies, and traveling whenever possible. Kyle and Abby will be celebrating their five year anniversary this October! If Kyle is not hanging out with his wife or family he is with his best bud Justin – who you might recall, also works here at Umbrella.

Good people are hard to find. Umbrella is lucky to find gems like Kyle and we’re proud to have him on our team!

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