Cyber Attack Strikes Kansas City MSP

A cyber security breach is every MSPs worst nightmare.

This is exponentially more frightening when this happens in your own backyard. Today, Umbrella Managed Systems was shocked to learn that NetStandard in Kansas City was hit by a cyber-attack. This is truly gut wrenching and has our team on high alert. 

The goal of any cyber-attack is to work quickly to infect and extract information. As a fellow MSP in Kansas City, Umbrella Managed Systems understands the serious nature of this. Umbrella has always been proactive when it comes to identifying and responding to cybersecurity threats on a local, national or global level.  Cybercrime is big business. It’s a trillion-dollar “industry” that hurts thousands of SMBs each year 

Our team is already meeting internally and following the same processes that were used to set up safeguards against Folia Zero-Day Vulnerability threat and during the heightened threats from Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine. The fact of the matter is that the cyber attacks will never stop and cyber criminals will strike when you least expect them. Us and alternative MSPs in Kansas City and beyond must remain vigilant to protect their clients against these threats.  

Umbrella remains committed to ensuring the highest levels of cybersecurity for both internal and client networks. Over the last 18 months we have established a dedicated Cybersecurity team and implemented the CIS Control frameworks alongside various CISA hardening best practices. In addition, our team has implemented technologies such as 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), End-Point Detection and Response (EDR), Advanced Persistent Threat Hunting (APT), and Zero-Trust Application platforms, to name a few.

Hackers will not stop, and neither will Umbrella. We will continue to invest heavily in the resources and technology required to minimize these ever-evolving risks.

– Trent Peters 

Founder, CISO 

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