No Comb + No Iron = Bad Presentation

Curtis BagnallBy Curtis Bagnall, Solution Engineer for Umbrella Managed Systems

On June 25th I started the decade of being in my thirties.

I know that age is subjective and just a number. The young kid in me that’s indestructible and always wants to go on an adventure will always be a part of who I am. But I’ve started to notice some changes in my mindset over the last year. Changes such as what drives me, how I’m presenting myself, and what can I do to push myself and Umbrella to new heights.


Umbrella Managed Systems: Curtis Messy Hair-02webOne of first things that I’ve noticed is  how I present myself. In my early 20’s I didn’t own a comb or an iron. I would go into work with messy hair and wrinkly clothes. I didn’t give a second thought to how I looked. It became a running joke in the office… Heath would gripe at me almost daily and that went on for years. They wanted me to look more presentable.

The reason why is starting to sink in.

I started to notice how people older than me present themselves. Some of my clients, vendors and friends dress in a manner that shows they care about a professional appearance. I also noticed people younger than me that were in the same phase I was in. The “don’t really care” phase.

I’m proud to work for Umbrella. And I’m proud of the work I do for our clients. I decided it was time to dress accordingly, so I got some new clothes and a haircut. People noticed immediately and the compliments continue to roll in. It feels good.

Umbrella Managed Systems: Curtis Messy Hair-02webI don’t know if you’ve read my blog on where I talk about having around 35 jobs before landing my actual career. If not, you can find it here. Back then, what drove me was grinding through the work day as quickly as possible. This was because I wanted to go do my own thing far away from work.

In recent years, I find myself pulling extra hours in the office and really caring about my career at Umbrella. It’s not about pushing through the day to get to the party. (Even though I still enjoy having fun at a party with friends) But that’s not what drives me.

So now that I’m 30, I’m not too worried about it. I’m embracing the changes and I have endless opportunities. Even better, Umbrella is supporting me as I work towards getting there.

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