ConnectWise Manage is here!

By Jason Volk, Service Delivery Engineer for Umbrella Managed Systems, talking about the recent transition to ConnectWise Manage

What is ConnectWise?

ConnectWise ManageConnectWise, Inc. was founded in 1982 and is based in Tampa, Florida. ConnectWise is the industry standard in IT managed business solutions. They provide a complete business management and process automation platform called ConnectWise Manage.

At Umbrella, we utilize ConnectWise Manage for help desk and ticket management, project management, time tracking, customer relationship management, device monitoring, procurement,  billing and invoicing.

There’s an awesome calendar feature we’re using for technician dispatching to client sites. We can also use the calendar to plan our day and schedule calls allowing for less phone tag and interruption to our clients. Asset tracking is enhanced in ConnectWise, meaning we can attach a configuration item to the ticket which then allows us to track ongoing issues with a particular computer. It also lets our engineers see technical components of client computers at a glance, such as memory usage.

Why the transition to ConnectWise Manage?

ConnectWise Manage will drive efficiencies by merging our management platform and ticketing systems. ConnectWise is also highly customizable and includes over 300 integrations for use with other support tools. It will improve interdepartmental visibility, collaboration and communications.

The ConnectWise Manage solution will allow us to provide even better support for our customers. We are excited about future enhancements that will continue to enhance the help desk experience.

Change is a good thing.

For some of us at Umbrella, the transition to ConnectWise Manage has been a smooth one.  For others, (I’m looking at you, Zach) the change hasn’t been as warmly embraced. After months of outstanding planning, testing, research and training by our leadership and project teams, we went live with ConnectWise Manage on October 2nd.

For me, this transition was a breeze as I’ve used ConnectWise in the past. I was given the opportunity to provide my input and leverage my experience to assist in making sure this was a seamless transition. With the transition to ConnectWise Manage, we’re well equipped to continue providing industry-leading service to our customers.

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