Warning: Billing scam targets healthcare providers

There is a scam affecting multiple states where the billing service TRPN Direct Pay sends a $15 check that appears to be a legitimate payment of some kind. However, this payment is actually a one-time “license fee” that, if cashed, signs the healthcare provider up for a billing scheme where they greatly discount their services and commit to unreasonable liabilities. These discounts apply to direct billing, Medicare, workers’ compensation, and group health claims.

As of publishing this article, the MSMA has not released an announcement about this scam, though both California and Nevada are publicly urging healthcare providers to be vigilant. California has already determined that the scam violates laws that protect healthcare providers against predatory silent PPO practices.

We are advising our clients that if they receive a suspicious small payment, do not deposit it or endorse it by clicking any Accept or Agree buttons. Read the fine print for some variation of, “By cashing this check, the provider agrees to accept all terms and conditions of this ongoing settlement agreement”, then requirements to discount services by 35% or more or face legal action.

We are gathering more information as it pertains to local Kansas City healthcare providers – if more developments occur, we will share it with our clients and the MSMA. If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us,

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Umbrella and IT Solutions Join Forces

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