Thanks to August Light Studio, we have updated professional headshot photos!

By Roxanne Rabich, Service Coordinator at Umbrella Managed Systems

Have you ever taken a look at your professional headshot photo and thought to yourself, “Wow. I really need to get that updated.” It’s been a while since we’ve updated headshots professionally… and it was time to get that fixed.

Headshot History

Years ago, we a had professional photographer taking employee head shot photos. Over time, I was tasked with the responsibility of taking them as we added new staff. We had new employees pose in front of one of our many brick walls, wearing an Umbrella Managed Systems branded shirt. I took the pictures with my phone. They were okay, but it was difficult to edit them so they all looked consistent.

One year we tried to change it up and pose with a graphic sign. It seemed like a good idea at the time. The problem is that I’m not a professional photographer. Everyone is a different height, so there was not a consistent look to the photos. The lighting was all wrong.

A few words of advice for taking headshots (if doing it yourself):

  • If possible, use a plain wall for the background. Make sure you have access to the same wall for future photos.
  • Try to take photos at the same time of day so the lighting is consistent.
  • Subjects vary in height, so have a step stool available to keep yourself at the same level.

August Light Studio

We’re very fortunate to know a wonderful photographer. She’s a good friend of Umbrella and happens to be married to Trent. Megan Peters of August Light Studio graciously spent time with us a few weeks ago. Now we all have new, professional photos. (Thanks, Megan!)

Headshot photos serve a purpose, whether it be for security badges or social media. They’re part of your brand. The way we look definitely changes over time (for example, the addition or subtraction of a beard!) Professional or amateur, it’s good to clean house and refresh those photos every couple of years. If your team needs to get updated professional headshots, give Megan a call!

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