5 Keyboard Shortcuts That Might Change Your Life

By Curtis Bagnall, Solution Engineer at Umbrella Managed Systems

Umbrella Managed Systems: Keyboard ShortcutsWould you like to take your computer skills to the next level? How about being able to navigate office programs at lightning speeds? I’d like to help you with this by sharing a few important keyboard shortcuts. Most people know about the CTRL + C/V for copy and paste or CTRL + ALT + DELETE to get you the logout options. But, I have a few more tricks that can save you time and make you a keyboard shortcut wizard!

5 Keyboard Shortcuts That Might Change Your Life

Windows key + L: This will allow you to lock the screen when you need to take a step away from your desk to grab that coffee.

ALT + Tab: Have multiple windows open? Using this combo will allow you to switch through all your windows to get you to the one you need. No longer will you need to try to find them with your mouse. Hold ALT and press Tab… then press Tab multiple times to cycle through your open windows.

Windows key + E: This opens Windows Explorer quickly, allowing you to find files more efficiently.

Ctrl + F: Trying to find a specific section of a document or website? This combination will open a search bar that you can type in any word and navigate to that location.

Ctrl + A: Want to select everything quickly? This combo selects all words/programs/documentation on the selected screen. (A variation of this is to click on an item in File Explorer to select the first item… and then Ctrl + A will select everything else in that window. Be careful with this one, it’s powerful.)

Bonus Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows key + D: Allows you to minimize every window open to view your desktop. This also works vice versa to bring the windows back up.

Ctrl + D: Want to move something to the recycle bin? This will move any selected item(s) to the recycle bin.

Ctrl + Shift + Esc: Computer going slow and want to see what’s hogging all the resources? This combo will open the task manager and allow you to kill any software taking up all your PC’s memory

I could go on for days and days about all the various keyboard shortcuts and how they can make your life easier, but that would be more than anybody would like to read. Hopefully, some of the shortcuts above will help you be more efficient in your day to day work.

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