Our Q2 Company Meeting was a Productive Heat Wave!

By Roxanne Rabich, Service Coordinator for Umbrella Managed Systems

I’m pretty sure our 2nd quarter company meeting was the shortest quarterly meeting in company history!

On July 13th, we were scheduled to have our Q2 wrap-up. We’ve been on a roll and have kept to our meeting schedule for about a year. The streak was over. The meeting was postponed for 2 weeks as one of the presenters needed more time to prepare. The important news is worth waiting for, right?

But this company meeting was destined to be jinxed!

On July 27th, the day of the meeting, our air conditioner on the 3rd floor stopped working. Hmm… hot, humid weather in Missouri – no way we get repair service today. Oh, and Heath is sick and will not be attending. Do we postpone again – NO – we carry on as planned!

We beg and borrow fans to circulate some air. As fate would have it, we themed the meeting the UMS State Fair, also known as the UMS State of Affairs. Theming the meetings lends to creative ideas for snacks, beverages and decorations. And when you attend a State Fair, it’s outdoors. Our meeting space certainly felt like we were outdoors!

The ice cream was melted before everyone got upstairs. Sad face. And there were no corn dogs, funnel cakes or turkey legs!

The meeting began with a trivia game. We quickly recognized staff Birthdays and Work Anniversaries so we could get to the important stuff.

Welcome New Hires!

Zach Lakin, Terry Irwin and David Sparks (obviously nicknamed Sparky!) Look out for more info about our new hires in upcoming Employee Spotlight blog posts.

Employees of the Quarter

Kyle Barry, Zach Lakin and James Butcher. Congratulations guys… and great job!

Company Business

Phone and ticket statistics were reviewed. Teams consistently meet our Service Level Agreements, specifically elapsed time before responding to new issues. We’ve avoided clients having to leave a voicemail during business hours for over a year!

Each quarter, we have a new technical initiative. And recently we’ve been focused on security measures.  The status of Phase One was presented as complete. Yes, that’s kind of cryptic… more on that in a future post. Then there was an update of internal tools implementation timeline and we’re done.

Another meeting in the books…no one ever said short meetings are less meaningful than long ones, especially when it’s really hot!

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