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Here’s how to help your remote staff avoid burnout

Remote working is not new, though its adoption became more widespread among companies that can offer it as part of efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The benefits of granting work flexibility to staff are significant:

Employees are able to reduce spending on commuting, eating out during lunch breaks, and childcare services.

Stop believing in these dangerous cybersecurity myths now

In late 2019, 10% of small businesses that fell victim to cybercrime didn’t survive. Recently, a study published by ConnectWise revealed that 86% of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are prioritizing cybersecurity. But what about the remaining 14%?

If you believe in any of the cybersecurity myths below, your business in Missouri may very well be among the 14% of US companies that are not taking cyberthreats as seriously as they should.

IT optimization: Here’s why Kansas City SMBs need to step up their tech game

At the onset of World War II, Germany’s Panzer tanks clearly outclassed the horseback cavalries of neighboring nations. This is but one illustration that technology is power.

What is true in warfare is often true in business as well. For example, manufacturers that utilize robots produce goods faster and with better and more consistent quality than manufacturers that employ mostly human workers.

Unhackable email may soon become reality

Once quantum computers become a reliable form of technology, they’ll do quick work of computing processes that would normally take supercomputers an extremely long time to perform. With this cutting-edge tech, phenomena such as intricate chemical reactions can be predicted and set to produce new raw materials or very potent medicines.

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