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How MSPs can guide you to success

Modernizing your business with IT can be very fruitful. For instance, the internet allows you to reach more customers, marketing software lets you hone in on the highest-quality leads, and customer relation management software allows you to quickly and efficiently respond to clients’ questions and concerns.

The status of Black representation in big tech

Given how large tech firms employ tens of thousands of Americans, one would think that the composition of their workforces would more or less mirror the US population. However, despite Alphabet, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter promising in 2014 to increase diversity among their hires, it appears upon first glance that the needle hasn’t moved very much for Black representation in six years*.

Let’s look at the numbers

According to the population estimates and projections of the US Census Bureau in 2017, non-Whites will make up over 21% of America by July 1, 2020 — with Blacks comprising over 12 percentage points.

The 5 pillars of data security

Business owners in Kansas City know the importance of data security, but so much uncertainty surrounds what actually comprises a sufficient cybersecurity system. Especially now with COVID-19 making cybercriminals even more vicious and forcing companies to tighten belts, spending the right amount on cybersecurity is critical for business survival.

Social media tips for your SMB during the COVID-19 outbreak

Prior to reopening efforts, Missourians have been cooped up in their homes. Beyond binge-watching streaming shows and YouTube videos, people have been hooked on social media. This presents a great marketing opportunity for drumming up business to people who are more likely to spend than ever before.

Tips for managing a remote workforce

Kansas City is relaxing its shelter-in-place restrictions. However, the furor over the death of George Floyd has spurred mass protests, which may force the city government to revert to strict quarantine measures. This is because two separate yet compounding factors, namely maskless protesters and the use of tear gas, may contribute to a spike in COVID-19 infections and make the complete return to the workplace unwise.

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