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About Umbrella


Heath Stover and Trent Peters co-founded their business in 2007 as Umbrella Medical Systems. They started out as Kansas City’s homegrown IT specialists for the healthcare industry. The name was changed to Umbrella Managed Systems in 2013 to reflect their mission of providing superior IT services to all industries. Umbrella designs, implements, supports, and manages IT solutions for businesses throughout KC-Metro and beyond. Clients trust Umbrella to focus on what matters and deliver results.

Umbrella Managed Systems and its 30+ employees work from offices located in the historic River Market district in the heart of downtown Kansas City. Umbrella is a nationally recognized Managed Services Provider and a Kansas City Business Journal ‘Top Computer and Technology Company’ since 2010.

Our Organization

Our vision is to be the world’s favorite MSP.

The Umbrella team shares a passion for delivering high-value solutions & services to the clients we serve. Technology is continually changing, and so does Umbrella by fostering a culture of continuous improvement, individually and as a team. Since 2006, Umbrella has created hundreds of trusted partnerships by listening, engaging with empathy, and communicating in a meaningful way.

Our Core Values

Every team member at Umbrella strives to be an ideal team player. The ideal team player embodies three virtues: humility, hunger and people smarts. The power of this combination drastically accelerates and improves the process of building high-performing teams.


Ideal team players are humble. They lack excessive ego or concerns about status. They are quick to point out the contributions of others and slow to seek recognition for their own. They share credit, emphasize team over self, and define success collectively rather than individually.


Ideal team players are hungry. They are always looking for more – more things to do, more to learn, more responsibility. Hungry people rarely have to be pushed by a manager to work harder because they are self-motivated and diligent. They are constantly thinking about the next step and the next opportunity.


Ideal team players are smart. They are emotionally intelligent and have common sense about people. They tend to know what is happening in a group situation and how to effectively deal with others. They have good judgment and intuition around the subtleties of group dynamics and the impact of their words and actions.



The way Umbrella treats its clients is unlike other companies. It truly feels like the success of OUR business is their goal rather than just the success of THEIR business. I could not be doing this job without them. I really mean that.

– 2020 Client Testimonial
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Umbrella and IT Solutions Join Forces

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with IT Solutions Consulting, a managed services provider headquartered in Fort Washington, PA. IT Solutions has a robust reputation in the IT industry and is backed by 25+ years of experience. Together, we’ll continue to deliver top-tier service with our combined team of technology professionals under the IT Solutions name. Click here for more details.