Here’s how our gadgets may change to accommodate our ways of working

Here’s how our gadgets may change to accommodate our ways of working


Have you ever wandered around your house before a video conference starts, looking for an interesting backdrop? If you have, then you know firsthand how technology today grants the ease to do so. And much like how tech allows us to adjust to new ways of working, our new modes of working shape the upgrades tech companies develop.

Remote working, in particular, is prevalent due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s take a look at how working from home may lead to changes in the devices we use to accomplish our tasks.

Did you know?
Some prominent companies have declared that all of their employees have the option to work from home forever.

Under-display cameras

Remote working has led to a spike in video conferencing sessions, which, in turn, has led to users complaining about the placement of the front camera on smartphones. That is, they can’t look at the camera and check out their screens at the same time because the camera is embedded in the top part of the phone, not in the middle. This feedback has prompted manufacturers like ZTE to design a smartphone that has the camera beneath the center of a transparent display.

While phone display quality was initially subpar due to the limitations of past transparent screen technology, Xiaomi’s new transparent TV screen tech may be ported to smartphones, laptops, tablets, and PCs.

5G connectivity

5G has been a hot topic in tech for quite some time now, and for good reasons, namely:

  • Blazingly fast connection speeds – users may download a movie in mere seconds
  • Much lower network latency – allows for machine-to-machine communication that is unhindered by human response, thereby bolstering the capabilities of Internet of Things (IoT) devices
  • Greater network capacity – internet service doesn’t slow down because of a massive influx of users

More and more smartphones, tablets, and laptops will have 5G connectivity, with the first two becoming less and less distinct from each other because of their shared capabilities.

Smartphones to become redundant?

As previously mentioned, smartphones and tablets are becoming more and more alike, with size being the remaining differentiating factor between them. And with wireless earbuds making voice communication less cumbersome for tablet users, smartphones may be considered redundant by consumers.

However, much like how tablets did not replace PCs, it’s likely that smartphones will stick around, too.

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Extra: Wearables that promote social distancing

As of this writing, shelter-in-place directives have been relaxed, allowing remote workers to return to their offices at their discretion. For those who want to do so but still want to keep themselves and their families safe, they can use wearables to help themselves practice social distancing.

Originally made for manufacturing, construction, and home healthcare workers, these devices have been tweaked so that they vibrate and alert wearers when they’re too close to one another. These can even help facilitate contact tracing in case the need arises. And as with most wearable devices, they can also track the user’s heart rate, breathing rate, and body temperature.

While such tech is intended for the common good, it does raise quite a number of privacy concerns. Companies wishing to issue such wearables for their employees must understand:

  • What the tech does
  • What data it collects
  • Who can see such data
  • How data is kept secure to maintain employees’ privacy

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