Social media tips for your SMB during the COVID-19 outbreak

Social media tips for your SMB during the COVID-19 outbreak

Prior to reopening efforts, Missourians have been cooped up in their homes. Beyond binge-watching streaming shows and YouTube videos, people have been hooked on social media. This presents a great marketing opportunity for drumming up business to people who are more likely to spend than ever before.

Here are a few social media tips your small- to medium-sized business (SMB) can do can do to attract and retain customers:

    Tell people that yes, you’re open!
    Potential customers will be scouring Google, Facebook, and Instagram for establishments near them, so if your social media accounts still say that your business is closed (when it’s not), then you’ll be missing out, big time!

    And if you don’t have business accounts created yet, it’s better late than never to make them. Remember to provide your location, operating hours, and contact information so that people will find it easier to find your business.

    Once your social media accounts are ready to go, announce to the world that you’re back in business!


    A simple “We’re open” message is a quick and easy social media post you can make.

    If you're not yet open but will soon be, then create anticipation for your grand reopening!
    Do a daily countdown to your big day. You can go with simple text art or up the production value with TikTok videos. Consumer demand will be unnaturally high, so tap into people’s giddiness to be finally out.

    Reach out to your customers
    Initiate conversations by asking your social media followers how they are doing. Ask how they’ve been coping so far, and create surveys on Twitter to find out what your customers plan to do as soon as the economy reopens. Open yourself up to questions, such as how Missouri’s reopening guidelines will affect your business and how these will relate to your customers.

    For example, if you’re in Kansas City, you’ll need to inform your clientele that if they stay in your establishment for more than 10 minutes, then you’re compelled to record their names and obtain their contact information. This information may be shared with local authorities, especially if they need it to accomplish contact tracing.

    Most importantly, ask your customers about their concerns and needs, and see if there’s a way that your business can help. Don’t even think about doing it to gain good PR, as any hint of disingenuousness might very well sow distrust in your brand. Be helpful, even if there’s no direct benefit to your business. Even the simple act of connecting a customer to a fitting non-profit organization can make a huge difference in that customer’s life.

    Announce promos, flexible payment schemes, or deferments
    An unfortunate consequence of stay-at-home orders is that many people became unemployed. Your target consumers may be living off of unemployment benefits and government handouts, so you might want to consider creating promos, package deals, or flexible payment schemes and announcing these on your social media accounts.

    If your business decides to defer amortizations or waive subscription fees, then make an official announcement and place it in a pinned Facebook post, tweet, or Instagram story.

You may have been locked up when stay-at-home orders were put into place, but social media grants your business amazing opportunities to make lasting connections with your customers. As you’ve seen, our tips don’t even entail spending a single penny on social media, but only time, effort, and empathy.

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