Why your business needs regular IT audits

Why your business needs regular IT audits

Given how important computers are in running a modern business, it’s imperative you have a full picture of your current infrastructure to derive insights into factors like overall functionality, performance, and security. The biggest challenge lies in the fact that underlying infrastructures are vastly more complicated than they used to be.

No longer do Missouri business computing networks revolve around in-house servers and workstations, there’s also a rapidly expanding portfolio of mobile devices and cloud-hosted resources to think about. This means there are more entry points and vulnerabilities in your company network and there’s much more scope for technology to become a costly liability.

Here’s how regular IT assets can help you regain control over your digital assets:

#1. Reduce risk to your organization

For many of today’s businesses, the biggest risks to their continued existence come from the digital realm. Cybercriminals routinely target organizations of all sizes across all industries by duping employees with social engineering scams, spreading malware, or using hacking tactics to steal sensitive data.

Every new device and account potentially adds a new point of failure, which is the most important reason why you need regular IT audits. This will give you the insights you need to effectively mitigate security risks and empower innovation without leaving your business open to other threats.

#2. Achieve technology alignment

Today, almost every IT leader is talking about digital transformation, but most of these initiatives fail to meet their goals. A lot of the time, this is down to a lack of alignment between business and IT. You can’t expect to improve your technology environment if you don’t have a clear picture of your current ecosystem.

One of the key steps in conducting an IT audit is to make an inventory of all your digital assets. This will help you determine where they physically exist, which controls are in place to protect them, and how they impact the everyday operations of your business. This will reveal areas in need of improvement to help you meet your goals.

#3. Simplify IT and data governance

Many businesses are struggling to stay on top of new trends and changes. Technology is evolving faster than a lot of us can keep up with to the point that data governance becomes impossible at scale unless you have the right controls and processes in place.

An IT audit is key in ensuring that your practices support your goals and fit in with the wider organizational framework. Audits enhance IT governance by giving you an easily understandable and visual overview of the risks and performance metrics and how they add (or detract) value from your company.

#4. Ensure integrity of your data infrastructure

Many businesses have important apps and data stored across a complex blend of in-house computers and servers, employee- and company-owned mobile devices, and cloud services. Without a cohesive infrastructure, it’s easy to end up with data being stored across hundreds of different physical systems and locations.

If that happens, you end up with many single points of failure, which, if compromised, will result in serious harm to your business operations. An IT audit will help you identify potential issues with data and system integrity and give you a sense of direction when it comes to building a robust backup and disaster recovery strategy.

#5. Enhance communication and collaboration

A textbook example of an unsatisfactory technology environment is one where you have a lot of different systems and processes in place that don’t work well together. This results in data silos that get in the way of communication and collaboration.

Conducting an IT audit isn’t all about technology; it’s also about people and how they use technology to exchange, access, and store information across multiple business departments and branches. An audit will look for performance and integration issues to reveal opportunities for improving communication and streamlining your workflows.

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