7 Productivity tips for achieving more and creating peace of mind

7 Productivity tips for achieving more and creating peace of mind

Despite the gig economy being in full swing and mobile work now the new norm, many people have a harder time than ever trying to maintain optimal productivity. While technology has given us the means to work anywhere we want, as well as automate many tedious routine workflows, it has also brought countless distractions. It’s now more important than ever to pay attention to time management and maximize productivity by doing the following:

#1. Get a head start

It’s essential to be able to switch off once the workday is done, but you’ll also want to avoid facing an endless to-do list the moment you get started. Before leaving your workspace, get a head start on the following day’s work by spending a few minutes going through your timetable and reviewing your appointments. The busier you expect your day to be, the more important it is to ensure you can hit the ground running once you get started.

#2. Say no to distractions

Today, there’s no shortage of time sinks that eat away at our productivity while giving little in return. Among the most common are social media and instant messaging, along with all the disruptive notifications that come with them. To keep your productivity to a healthy maximum, consider eliminating such distractions from your working time.

Also, avoid multitasking. While this may make you look more productive, it actually does the opposite and stalls your progress with particular tasks. That’s why you should minimize the number of windows you have opened and focus on your most time-sensitive or important tasks first.

#3. Use fewer tools

Many of us swear by the tools we use for work, but few of us like to admit that we’re probably using far more apps and features than we really need. Technology bloat is a serious problem where many people think they’re innovating, but they’re really only investing in displacement activities that hinder productivity. Try using the bare minimum number of apps you need to do your job, trimming away those that don’t bring real results.

#4. Set reasonable goals

The more ambitious among us love to set lofty goals, but if those goals are too hard to reach, this can lead to disappointment and demotivation. Successful entrepreneurs often take a different approach by setting smaller goals and iteratively increasing them according to their comfort levels. They also celebrate failure as part of the learning curve, adopting a culture of continuous improvement instead.

#5. Take plenty of breaks

There’s a finite limit to how much time anyone can spend focusing on a specific task. While there’s nothing wrong with incrementally increasing those limits when you feel comfortable to do so, you should always set aside time for breaks. Even a short walk around the block every hour or two can make a world of difference, and it’s much better for your physical and mental well-being too.

#6. Delegate your tasks

The age-old advice that if you want a job done properly, you should do it yourself isn’t good. It discourages you from delegating tasks others might be better equipped to deal with. There are no doubt plenty of things that only you can do, which is why you should focus your energies on them, delegating ancillary tasks as a matter of routine. When the time comes to delegate tasks, it’s also a great sign that your business is growing rapidly.

#7. Automate your workflow

Technology has transformed the way people work by replacing a lot of menial and repetitive tasks that almost no one likes doing. Some common examples include data entry, searching through large repositories of information, and time tracking. If there’s a business process you can automate, then you should. Doing so won’t just free up time, it will also lower the risk of human error and improve the quality of your work.

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