10 Technology tips for crushing your 2020 productivity goals

10 Technology tips for crushing your 2020 productivity goals

Productivity growth has been dropping steadily for over a decade, according to a recent study by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This begs the question of whether all the technology we have come to rely so heavily on is actually helping rather than hindering us. The truth is that it all depends on how you use it.

Here are 10 tech tips to help you meet and surpass your 2020 productivity goals:

#1. Prioritize alignment

Most digital transformations fail. Sometimes, businesses end up in a worse situation than they started in. This often comes down to a failure to align business goals with technology solutions. Avoid chasing after technology trends and fads, and instead focus on the business need before implementing new tech.

#2. Involve your people

Transparency and teamwork are critical for becoming more productive, and this also applies to choosing new technology. Few people like having new solutions foisted upon them without prior explanation. That’s why you need to put employee experience first, since it’s your team, after all, who will be using the new technology.

#3. Incorporate automation

Repetitive routine tasks aren’t just tedious and time-consuming, they’re also susceptible to human error. They get in the way of morale and productivity which, in turn, can lead your employees to look for risky workarounds. If there’s a process that can be automated then it should be. This frees up your staff to focus on more important projects that add value to your organization.

#4. Organize your time

Forget about time-tracking apps and all the other supposedly helpful solutions for boosting productivity, and organize your time by prioritizing your tasks effectively. You should only ever need one system for helping you organize your time, and you should focus on doing more with less rather than just working longer hours.

#5. Avoid tech bloat

Having dozens of applications can actually be a bane to workplace productivity. Social media apps, for example, are some of the biggest productivity killers.

But it’s not just apps designed for personal use and entertainment that affect productivity. A lot of work collaboration and enterprise solutions merely add extra steps to business processes and slow down your operations. That’s why it’s important to evaluate your apps and uninstall the ones that are unnecessary to your business. The fewer apps you use, the better.

#6. Use the cloud

Employees are happier and more productive when they have the freedom to work in any location. Cloud solutions enable them to do just that. With the cloud, users can access company files and apps from anywhere with an internet connection. This also means you can seamlessly set up remote work privileges and mobilize your workforce.

#7. Get more screen space

There’s more emphasis than ever on the small screen, with some even claiming that desktops are obsolete — but this cannot be further from the truth. The more screen space you have, the less alt-tabbing through documents, which can significantly enhance productivity. You can even have a dual monitor setup to make it easy for employees to manage all their tasks.

#8. Minimize notifications

We live in an era of notification fatigue. Half of the mobile apps we use, social networking and instant messaging being among the worst culprits, seem to think we need to know every time someone posts a cat picture online. The combination of constant buzzing and electronic sounds are the worst for productivity, so eliminate any notifications that you don’t absolutely need.

#9. Learn the shortcuts

There’s a reason why the trusty old keyboard has been with us for decades. It works. Not only is there no better way to type, there are also numerous keyboard shortcuts for common actions like copying and pasting and saving documents. While it might take some time to learn all of them, they can save hours of work.

#10. Manage your passwords

Many of us are accustomed to having dozens of online accounts, hence the fact most people have developed the bad habit of reusing the same passwords for everything. From a security standpoint, that’s asking for trouble, but for the sake of productivity, it’s hardly convenient to manage dozens of sets of login credentials. A password manager with single sign-on for all your work-related apps can reduce these risks and making logging in to multiple accounts a breeze.

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