How can remote monitoring and management help your business?

How can remote monitoring and management help your business?

In the past, managing data was fairly easy since most computing resources were hosted in-house and managed by an internal IT department. But today, technology environments are growing more complex because of cloud computing and mobile technologies.

It’s often easy to lose sight of where data lives and where any potential security issues or performance bottlenecks lie when company devices are spread out across different locations. Plus, if something goes wrong, it’s also much harder to identify the source of the problem, which can lead to compromised information security and unexpected service outages.

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) software offers a proactive approach that detects problems in real time and repairs them before they can become a problem. This allows the IT department to deliver the highest service availability and keep your wider network maintained to the standards you require. RMM does this by gathering information from all of your computing devices and assessing their health via a centralized administration dashboard without getting in the way of everyday work.

How does RMM software work?

RMM software consists of two components — an agent, which is installed on the device being monitored, and a server, which resides on a server, typically one which is hosted in the cloud. RMM may be implemented in-house, though it’s far more common to have it hosted remotely and operated by a managed services provider (MSP), especially in the case of small business.

The agents will send information like machine health, uptime status, and bandwidth use to the centralized server. That way, if a problem is detected, the individual or company administering the system will instantly receive an alert.

Tickets will be generated based on the nature of the problem, the system it concerns, and its estimated level of severity. This allows administrators to respond to critical problems in less time. In other words, it provides full visibility and control from a central location, thus bringing increasingly disparate technology environments together under a centralized console.

Depending on the particular solution you choose, RMM software can give warnings for things like servers going offline, backup failures, low disk space, outdated software, new software being installed, and service errors. Together, these features can help you keep your business-critical operations running smoothly around the clock no matter where they are.

Why do you need RMM software?

As the number of internet-connected devices in the typical business environment continues to grow, it’s a challenge to keep track of all your IT assets. This presents problems for security, regulatory compliance, performance, and uptime.

From a security standpoint, RMM can monitor for suspicious behavior, such as sudden spikes in bandwidth that are unusual. It can also send critical security updates to operating systems like Windows and Android to keep them safe from new and emerging threats. The same applies to networking hardware, which also needs to be included in your monitoring and patch management strategy.

RMM also boosts productivity by proactively detecting potential issues so administrators can resolve them before they cause extended periods of downtime. RMM ensures a maximum degree of service availability and performance. If you’re relying on manual process alone, there’s a good chance your employees will end up spending much of their working days staring at loading screens and error messages. RMM simply reduces the costs associated with downtime and poor performance while mitigating the risk of expensive repair bills.

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