Compelling reasons why AI isn’t built for business writing

Compelling reasons why AI isn’t built for business writing

As we become more reliant on technology to handle all those boring and repetitive tasks, it’s not long before artificial intelligence (AI) enters the conversation. We’re constantly being told about how AI will revolutionize business and render yet more jobs obsolete. One of the latest trends is the rise of AI-powered content writing, which some are claiming will one day be able to create everything from news articles to marketing collateral to novels. Here’s why that’s not going to happen.

Technology can’t kill creativity

Several media companies, such as The Washington Post, are already using AI-generated text content in certain applications, but these are largely limited to cut-and-dried writing focusing on things like sports updates and news tickers. It’s the sort of content that focuses on statistics, scores, and successes. Not by a long shot can it be described as creative writing, because it doesn’t bring anything new, unique, or even remotely imaginative to the table.

The limitation of AI is that, despite all the hype, it isn’t true intelligence. An AI is just a computer algorithm. When it comes to AI-powered writing, all it really is, is just a more advanced version of article spinning, which spammers have been using for years. In automatically spun articles, a computer program simply substitutes words, phrases, and sentences with alternatives based on acronyms. Aside from the fact that this approach results in plenty of inaccuracies, often resulting in unreadable content, all it does is regurgitate content that has already been written.

AI is just a more sophisticated version of the same model. It’s trained by existing content, but instead of delivering the results from a single source, such as a dictionary or lines of code with nested acronyms for words and phrases, it can use thousands of pages of content. It looks a lot more genuine as a result, but at best, it only provides surface-level content offering no true value.

On top of that, there’s no creative element, so you can forget about using it for more complex opinion pieces, feature stories, and even novels. For business content, such as webpage text and marketing collateral, the best it can do is provide a foundation upon which to build, but it will still need a lot of work. AI won’t capture the unique voice and style of your brand. It has no personality and is not effective at making a meaningful connection with human readers.

Cheap doesn’t mean good value

Much like article spinning, AI-powered writing claims to deliver a fully scalable solution to satisfy the content-hungry world of the modern web. It can generate hundreds or even thousands of articles, reports, and white papers in short order. At best, however, the content will need to be heavily edited (or in some cases, rewritten) to make a coherent point. Even the popular AI Writer platform claims you can only expect to reduce the time needed to write an article by around 33%.

If you’re relying too much on AI to do any kind of creative work, branded business content included, all you’ll end up with is soulless content that no one wants to read because it has no value to them.

Or, perhaps you’re thinking it would be good for boosting visibility in search results. After all, we’re constantly being told that, to succeed in an increasingly crowded online world, you need vast amounts of content just to rank on the first page. That’s true, but the search engines are constantly getting better at giving people meaningful, original, and relevant results they actually want to see. And who wants to read machine-generated text that offers nothing unique and exhibits no creative storytelling? Not many.

So, while it might be vastly cheaper to churn out thousands of pages of content en masse using an AI than hiring a real writer, it will probably end up costing you more in terms of editing in the long run. You have to ask yourself what’s better: paying a few bucks for a hundred uninspired, AI-generated articles or paying a few hundred for a carefully crafted article that will bring in thousands of dollars in revenue for years to come?

In conclusion, writing or any other content creation cannot succeed without a human touch. It sharpens our skills and makes us unique. The danger isn’t that machines are getting smarter, it’s that they’re not being used in the right areas that will ultimately benefit businesses.

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