7 Reasons why your business needs a strategic technology partner

7 Reasons why your business needs a strategic technology partner

There is an overwhelming amount of technology solutions in the market that claim to streamline business processes and increase productivity. Because of this, it’s easy for business owners with limited IT knowledge to choose the wrong solutions.

To avoid this, you need to understand your business’s goals, and do thorough research about the solutions that can help you achieve them. This can be tricky for even tech-savvy business owners, which is why many turn to managed services providers (MSPs) as a strategic technology partner.

#1. Maximize service availability

With the costs of technology downtime only getting higher, businesses face ongoing pressure to proactively prevent problems from occurring. By contrast, traditional IT support follows the break/fix model, whereby you either fix problems internally or call in a technician. It’s always better — and cheaper — to take every possible step to maximize uptime in the first place. MSPs are legally bound by their service level agreements (SLAs) to offer a minimum uptime.

#2. Free up time for core operations

With a lack of planning and expertise, technology can quickly become public enemy number one in a small business. Oftentimes, employees end up trying to find workarounds to issues that could easily have been prevented with a more proactive approach. This takes up time and increases risk to the organization. Outsourcing maintenance and support to an MSP lets your employees free up time to focus on what they do best.

#3. Scale effortlessly with demand

There are few quicker ways to miss out on lucrative new business opportunities than finding out that your existing technology infrastructure can’t keep up with demand. Onboarding new employees and customers alike ends up becoming a laborious task simply because your IT doesn’t have the capacity to scale. With an MSP, you get to tap into a much larger pool of IT resources and expertise on demand, and you also only pay for what you actually use.

#4. Empower business continuity

When you’re trying to do everything alone, all responsibility to meet the demands of security, compliance, and business continuity falls on your shoulders. But instead of keeping all eggs in one basket, partnering with the right technology vendors can increase resilience and provide a fresh perspective on how you can reduce risk across your organization. Backup and disaster recovery are common parts of any MSP’s service offerings.

#5. Regain control over technology costs

IT expenses aren’t getting any lower, and running a fully equipped internal IT department is far beyond the economic capabilities of most small businesses. When you’re fully reliant on in-house technology, the cost of repairing things like hardware failures or upgrading software can quickly spiral out of control. With an MSP, you get what you pay for, while cloud services are typically paid for on demand or through a set monthly fee, making budgeting easier.

#6. Solidify your vendor relationships

Maintaining good vendor relationships presents a constant challenge for today’s businesses, which often find themselves with more suppliers and partners than they can handle. This also increases risk, since you can end up losing sight over who has access to your business data. A dependable MSP is at the top of their game, making them better equipped to find the right vendors and manage them on your behalf.

#7. Tap into industry-leading expertise

A decent MSP is much more than just a vendor who sells you a load of technology products. They’re a dependable business partner, a consultant you can call upon at any time to provide expert technology guidance that aligns with your business goals. That’s why you must always choose an MSP who understands your industry and the challenges it faces and is ready to guide you through each stage of your technology roadmap.

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