Company Update, Team Recognition and more!

Our most recent "all hands on deck" company meeting was held on August 4. We hold these meetings quarterly as a team building exercise and to take a minute to celebrate what we've accomplished together.


Our staff count is now at 27! We've grown into the 3rd floor of our building. The additional space will primarily be used for meetings. There's a small kitchen, so we can take advantage of another break area. Plus there's room for our shuffleboard table and video game console, and a big screen projection system.


The meeting began with an Icebreaker. TJ always finds creative ways to start meetings in a fun way. Trent Peters played MC, posing questions to staff members. Lots of silly answers were offered but most responded seriously. It was a great way to continue learning about each other. Second quarter staff birthdays and work anniversaries were recognized.

Looking Back and Employee Satisfaction

We have three functional support teams named Bravo, Gotham and Watchmen. The manager of each team shared goals and statistics related to ticket counts and phone calls. We also talked about past and future initiatives. The results of a recent employee morale survey were revealed. Our overall satisfaction score was 4.24 on a scale of 1-5!

Awards were presented to the Employee of the Quarter for each team:

  • Bravo = Nick Stebbins
  • Gotham = Patrick Duley
  • Watchmen = Ben Hopkins

Over achiever awards were also presented; Shane Meseke = Greatest number of tickets closed with First Call Resolution and Kyle Barry = Recorded the most hours worked in the quarter.

I thoroughly enjoy watching our staff grow. Not just in volume, but in skill set. Watching them learn and overcome technical challenges makes me proud to be part of this team!

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